Apex Electrical can provide your business with high quality thermal imaging inspections.

Qualified electricians, detailed reports

All of our insepctions are performed by qualified electricians with Level 1 Thermography certification, and are accompanied by detailed reports and technical assistance to commercial, retail and industrial customers.

Inspections typically occur at least every twelve months, some six monthly and a few every three months. Our maintenance procedures ensure that our customers are contacted regularly at an agreed frequency, removing the need of our clients to worry about the next due inspection.

To satisfy our clients, we regularly travel to all regional parts of Melbourne and regional areas. All Apex technicians are qualified electricians and have Level 1 Thermography certification to Australian Institute for Non-Destructive Testing standards.

Why get Apex Electrical for thermal imaging and scheduled maintenance
  • Locate your electrical faults before they cause a failure
  • Scheduling your repairs instead of fighting bushfires
  • Have the parts you require immediately available - via preventative maintenance reports
  • Be prepared for an unexpected failures
  • Rreduce your unscheduled downtime
  • Plan your next maintenance schedule to fix known problems
80% of electrical faults are not visible.

Visual detection is not possible as the temperature has not risen enough to discolour the insulation or the fault may be hidden inside the component. Apex Electrical provides you with long term condition monitoring so you can predict potential failures and reduce your downtime.

Preventative maintenance to you money and downtime

Major component temperatures are monitored and compared with the result from our previous visits. By observing the changes it is possible to predict failures and implement corrective measures before the failure occurs. Apex Electrical can provide you with a condition monitoring schedule to help you predict potential failures. Scheduled monitoring will help you reduce operational downtime.

Many areas of a business can benfit from thermal imaging and scheduled maintenance

From checking insulation on the walls and ceilings of cool rooms to tube inspections inside high-temperature furnaces.


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