In accordance with lighting installation Australian Standards-AS2293.1-2005 Exit and emergency lighting systems require testing at 6 monthly intervals.

Our technicians can assist with the initial set up and all ongoing testing of your exit and emergency signs.

Apex Electrical qualified electricians carry out scheduled maintenance work. In accordance with the Australian Standards AS2293.1-2005 mainteance inspections are carried out at least twice per annum.

At each inspection Apex Electrical perform the following:

  • Operate the exit and emergency lighting systems from their battery supply and ensure that they remain illuminated for at least 90 minutes
  • Replace any defective lamps
  • Replace any defective batteries with the correct type
  • Clean all signs in accordance with Australian Standard Guidelines
  • Advise those responsible for the operation of equipment of any changes or adjustments
  • Ensure that the Maintenance and Log Manual has been filled out and left in a secure place
  • We are familiar with all major exit and emergency monitoring systems that may be installed accross Melbourne, Sydney and Australia.
  • We can install and maintain all common systems including:
    • LeGrand
    • Minitronics
    • Clevertronics
    • Famco
    • Stanilite



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