Our Data and Communications services include:

  • Computer, data and telephony installation and maintenance
  • Building and business automation
  • Security and MATV
  • Design and programme engineering
  • We can also design and install your entire communications network.

Our qualified technicians have the capability to install fibre optics or copper network cabling, programme PABX systems, install wireless LAN systems, install voice over internet protocol (VOIP) systems and carry out network configuration.

We provide the Network Critical Physical Infrastructure:

  • All types of cable connections.
  • Plan and manage the communications equipment environment.
  • Electrical power – UPS, etc.
  • Communications cabinets.
  • Server installation.

We also offer Infrastructure planning and design:

  • Customer service.
  • Ongoing infrastructure administration.
  • Investigate and correct faults and support.
  • Interface with users and other IT service providers.

Apex Electrical & Communications

Head Office Port Melbourne – (03) 8420 3333

Penrith NSW Office – (02) 4722 6678

Brisbane QLD Office – (07) 5537 9274

Email: reception@apexelectrical.com.au

Office Hours: 8:00 to 17:00 Monday - Friday