Kingfield Galvanising

Apex Electrical were engaged by Kingfield Galvanising to design, manage and install their new automated 7400sqm galvanising facility.  

The first of its kind in Australia, the state of the art galvanising facility incorporates several sophisticated machine elements

from some of the world’s leading manufacturing equipment brands including Scheuch, Korner, Koerner and Sheffer.

The project incorporated many elements including:

Automated Crane Rail Picking system to transport materials through the different galvanising treatment stations.

  • Treatment and Furnace Facilities
  • Galvanising baths and kettles
  • Hazardous area wiring
  • Integration of a Safety Gate System throughout the facility between the different processes.
  • Design and installation of lighting throughout the warehouse including specialized lighting to suit mezzanine and high level crane rail system
  • Communications and data cabling
  • Security System and PA system
  • Generator with automatic transfer

Using Apex’s expertise in project management and implementation, the facility has successfully improved Kingfield’s productivity, efficiency and safety.